A message to Jakarta’s Ladder players from the Organising Committee

Mark Sims – Event Organiser

G’day Tanggans,

Whilst the TBJ blossoms and goes from strength to strength, another substantial challenge approaches – and one involving quite a few of you, the Asia Expat Pool Challenge  (AEPC) to be contested in Bangkok on Saturday 15th September 2012, between teams from Bangkok, Jakarta, Shanghai & Singapore. This is now little more than 4 weeks away.

Most preparations have been completed and we have benefitted greatly from the existence of the TBJ since the competition amongst Tanggans is fierce – and frequent!

We thank all who have contributed to the preparation of the Jakarta All Stars for the AEPC, and commit to applying our best pool skills to ensure we bring the trophy back to Jakarta.

For those who have enquiring minds, or who are just plain bored of the websites you usually frequent, a website for the AEPC has been established and you are invited to view it atwww.asiaexpatpool.com. There is also a link from the side panel here for future visits.

I am sure that all Tanggans will join me in wishing the Jakarta All Stars all the very best during the forthcoming AEPC tournament. They are ambassadors of the Jakarta pool leagues and living proof that we are “GETTING TO THE NEXT LEVEL”.

Mark Sims

for The Jakarta All Stars Organizing Committee

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