Jakarta All Stars

Jakarta All StarsThe Jakarta All Stars is the chosen name for the expatriate amateur pool team which represents Jakarta during the Asia Expat Pool Challenge. Selection is limited to registered players within existing pool leagues, the primary source being the Jakarta Pool League.

The Jakarta Pool League, or JPL as it is often referred to, has been in existence since 2002 and provides opportunities for players to compete and socialize. The league organizes two separate competitions each year, the Jakarta Expat and Ladies Pool League (JEPL) and the Jakarta International and Ladies Pool League (JIPL).

The league currently has 310 players from 16 teams, representing 9 bars.

The Jakarta All Stars and all arrangements with regards to the Asia Expat Pool Challenge are organized by the Jakarta All Stars Organizing Committee, a group of volunteers from within the pool community who are representative of sponsors, bar owners and players. They meet regularly throughout the year and are responsible for event management, team selection, player preparation, attracting sponsors and all financial, administrative and logistical requirements related to a team travelling within the Asia Pacific region.

The Jakarta pool community provides a diverse cross-section of players to choose from when JAS selection takes place, from young exciting stars to seasoned veterans. Some players have been involved in the Jakarta pool scene since its inception, whilst many “new kids on the block” crawl out of the woodwork each year, to challenge the old dogs.

The fundamental goal is to expand social circles and develop long term friendships whilst having fun playing a game that we all love, and love to hate when narrowly losing to Bangkok (twice).

Considering the initiatives that have been put in place during 2013, the JAS Team is confident they will be able to turn the tables, and bring the trophy to Jakarta, where it belongs. Further to enhancing personal pool skills over a broader spectrum, a development  initiative has commenced which includes personalized coaching for players to “Get to the next level”, which is also the motto of the AEPC.

Klaudia3One of the JAS stalwarts, and a member of the JAS team since 2011 is Klaudia Djajalie, a 24 year old Malaysian national working in Jakarta as a part time translator. Her hobbies are playing pool (of course), basketball, tennis, watching movies and traveling.

Klaudia started playing pool when she was 15. After school, she and her friends used to go to Cilandak Townsquare, a shopping mall in South Jakarta. On one such day they wandered into the local pool hall and started having a few fun games between friends.

The friends enjoyed it to the extent that they returned 2-3 times a week, and eventually became involved in a broader pool playing community. Klaudia was then invited by friends to join the JPL.  Klaudia has won several local singles and doubles tournaments through the years and has represented Malaysia at the SEA Games 2012 and Asian Indoor Games 2013. She is the 2012 JIPL Singles Champion, the 2013 JEPL Singles Champion, and together with her pool partner Alex McMillan, is the 2012 & 2013 Indonesian Expat 8-Ball Doubles Champion.

Klaudia’s ambition is to improve to the point where she can participate in the professional ranks.

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