Shanghai Sharks

Shangai Sharks smallThe Shanghai 8 Pool League was formed in 2006 by a group of long stay Shanghai friends, Rob Jones (UK), Peter Eggli (Switzerland), Adrian Young (Australia) & Ron Lindsay (Canada) – pool enthusiasts all.

Paul Gray
Paul (Pauly) Gray

The original league consisted of just four teams at two bars when, in late 2007, Paul Gray (Canada), the current president and captain was brought in to expand the league until today when there are 47 teams and approximately 600 members!

In its current format, the Shanghai 8 Ball Pool League has a total of 5 divisions and 3 Leagues with 2 levels of play. The top division is composed mainly of Semi-Pro and a few Current and Ex-Pro players together with a handful of expats trying to improve their game against top Chinese talent.

League Night is every Thursday and has become a great way to meet people and visit different venues – many of which would have never otherwise have been heard of – and has become a staple where individuals’ weekly schedules are concerned!

Shanghai’s participation in the 2013 AEPC event, as Shanghai Sharks, will be the League’s second. After making it to last year’s event in Bangkok with a scratch group of relentless party-goers, Shanghai realised that the level of play was much stronger than anticipated – and intend to put in a much better effort than its P120-W29-L91 record of last year.

The top foreign players in the Shanghai league are predominantly Taiwanese and Singaporean and are being encouraged to participate this year but, in any event, the team will consist of many nationalities from all over the globe – and all determined to improve Shanghai’s record from 2012 AEPC!

The Shanghai 8 Pool League has its own website which can be found here.

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