Introducing Manila Patriots

Manila Patriots

The Philippines is an emerging economy nation of more than 100 million people, and Filipinos have traditionally and of necessity, engaged in sports with minimal costs with basketball, boxing, chess (yes, it is considered a sport in the Philippines) and of course pool, all extremely popular.

When a foreign pool player comes to the Philippines, the first thing he discovers is that there are pool tables on EVERY one of its 7,000+ islands.  And with that comes a multitude of pool players of all levels in all parts of the country – and who ALL want to be a Bustamante, Alcano, Reyes, Corteza, Manalo, Kiampo, Biado, Orcollo – the list just goes on and on!  The sport’s various feeder systems have in excess of 100,000 players!

It is against this background that “Manila Patriots”, a bunch of foreigners who have had the opportunity to learn and improve their game in the Philippines, when “learn” in this context can be defined as “If you think you are good, then just hang on for a moment and a guy will show up who looks like a taxi driver, fighter, doorman or congressmen (Paquiao will take your money), puts you in your place and takes your money!”

10 of the top 20 pool players in the world are Filipinos – and expats are great $$ targets for the citizenry of their great country.

Yes, what the Patriots team of expats has learned is how to play pool “Filipino style” with a wealth of teaching and experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The majority of the Manila Patriots team come from the leading amateur pool club in the country, the Makati Pool Players Association (MAPPA ), headed by its President, and Philippines pool icon, Jesse Gonzales Cambosa.

In fact it was Jesse, teaming up with fellow MAPPA member and current Dragon Promotions’ International Tournament Director for the Women’s World 10-ball Championships Lorenz Laureola, who took the positions of team manager and captain of the team respectively, and who have now put the Patriots team together.

With the help of many mutual friends in the Manila and Angeles City pool communities, the pair  have been able to bring together a strong 15 man team plus reserves to carry the banner of the Philppines in the 2013 Asia Expat Pool Challenge being held at the Grand Kemang Hotel in Jakarta , Indonesia on September 13th/14th.

Last word to Patriots team manager Jesse Cambosa, who summarises as follows:

Our team consists of players from Manila and Angeles City, home of the Angels and Bata Reyes. and where Makati Cinema Square is home for Puyat Sports – 100 great shooters can be found playing there on any given night, all very keen to improve the “experience” of the many expats who drop by to enjoy a game of pool and a beer or two.  Do join them if you should ever find yourself in the Philippines.

Our team is a first year team that will grow up very quickly over the next 30 days  ….. you don’t know us today, but in future, with our accumulating experience of playing the best, and training from unmatchable on the job teachers ….. buckle up!!

Thanks Jesse, we are all looking forward to seeing that “Filipino style” in Jakarta next month!

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