A Message from our Event Sponsor, Steel Blue

Steel BlueOn behalf of Steel Blue I would like to say how proud we are to be the Event Sponsor for the Asia Expat Pool Challenge 2013 and wish all players and spectators an enjoyable time over the coming days.

The event is about getting expat players to improve, participate at a higher level and show their talent. Importantly it is also a networking event where players from different countries will form friendships across the region.

Steel Blue remains committed to supporting amateur pool in the Asian Region and we hope that the existence of AEPC will encourage more players to participate in local pool competitions.

Steel Blue would like in particular would to thank Mark Sims and the Jakarta All Stars Committee for their tireless efforts in making the 2013 event possible.

Finally, and most regrettably, I am unavoidably forced to be away on business and will therefore miss attending AEPC 2013 in person – but will be taking every opportunity to tune into the event live via the streaming that has been made available courtesy of the Jakarta Globe – our Media Partner.

Good luck to all teams!

Brian Piggott



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