The Asia Pool Challenge Super Singles 2016 will be hosted in Ho Chi Minh City in September next year.

To qualify for this tournament players will need to meet the following requirements. Only two players from each city will be invited to play.


1)      Must play in the APC JAKARTA 2015 Team event.

2)      Must play in all 12 frames.

3)      The player from each city that has the most winning frames immediately qualifies.

4)      If there are two players from a city that each have the most winning frames then both immediately qualify.

5)      If there are three or more players from a city each having the most winning frames then a play- off will be needed to determine the two players to qualify

6)      If there is only one player with the most winning frames then the following shall apply to the qualification of the second player –

  • The player who has the second highest winning frame count shall qualify.
  • If there are two or more players with the second highest frame count then a play – off will be needed to determine the second player to qualify.

7)      Each city must confirm their two qualified players by no later than 31 March 2016.

8)      If in the event that a confirmed player becomes unavailable then the City Team Manager shall nominate a substitute based on the above qualifying requirements.

9)      If in the event that a confirmed player does not arrive to play then a substitute shall be provided by the host city subject to the above qualifying requirements.


Prize money and trophies will be awarded at this event – more details to follow next year. – good luck to all players participating in APC JAKARTA 2015.

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