A new team from Seoul, South Korea will be entering the Asia Pool Challenge in 2016 being hosted in Ho Chi Minh City this September.

Paul Riddle is the Team Organizer and is very keen to show off the talents of the Itaewon Pool League which has 22 teams in their 2016 opening season.


SEOUL CRUSHERS is a an aggressive name and it will certainly be intriguing to see them in action at APC Saigon 2016


APC now has eight Asian cities participating in this competition.



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One thought on “THE SEOUL CRUSHERS JOIN APC 2016

  1. It is not in the spirit of this great event which has been built up over the past six years by every Asian city’s team that has joined, for any team participating to gain an unfair advantage by sneaking in an unqualified pro standard player into their team. Unfortunately, you lot up in Seoul thought it otherwise. Your Philippino (nicknamed Tyson) player is a pro standard Manila based player who plays amongst the best in mostly the Makati area of Manila. This information has been substanciated by a number of Philippine pool players inside and outside of the Philippines.
    You Seoul team ought be ashamed of yourselves particularly so, as it’s your first year joining the event. Your quick lack of respect certainly hasn’t gone un-noticed


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