2013 Challenge venue and timings firmed up!

Grand KemangMastermind Brian Piggott informs us that, after a heavy duty selection process carried out by the Jakarta All Stars committee, it has been decided the 2013 Asia Expat Pool Challenge will be held in the ballroom of the Grand Kemang Hotel in Jakarta on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th September.

The actual playing times will be:

13th September – 13:00 until 22.00

14th September – 13:00 until 21:30

Almost as importantly, the traditional Meet and Greet will be held at FEZ DUNGEON, also in Kemang, on Thursday 12th September from 19:00 until 22:00.

Make a note in whatever passes for your diary these days!

$1,000 and a top class cue

Final details of the Manila competition being used to discover amateur talent in the Philippines have now been announced and can be found here. With a top prize of about $1,000 and a top class cue, it is bound to attract all the best amateur talent over there – and hopefully some expats amongst them!

Exciting developments in the Philippines

Following hard on the heels of efforts to get Singapore Expat Pool onto a more organised footing – and into the AEPC Event planned for September next year in South Jakarta, Indonesia, comes news of exciting developments in the Philippines.

Two of Manilas pool icons, Jesse ”Gonzales” Cambosa and Puyat are teaming together to arrange a pool tournament – The J & P 10 BALL CUP in November and December 2012.

This is aimed at giving all Manila area amateur pool players the opportunity to get together in an event that not only has great prizes, courtesy of some generous sponsors, but also to renew acquaintances and meet new friends. It promises to be an exciting event so if you are interested please contact Jesse.

Another important innovation is the recruitment of expat amateur pool players to compete in the Asia Expat Pool Challenge event mentioned above in Jakarta, Indonesia in September 2013.

Jesse will be organising Team Manila to compete against Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.

Last year’s event was of course held in Bangkok and was a great event both on and off the pool table. Ask Jesse about it, he was there to check it out!!!

Singapore Expat Pool – GAME ON !!!

The absence of a Singapore team was keenly felt at the recent Bangkok Tournament – and a deep disappointment to all involved.

We are particularly pleased to advise therefore that things have taken a turn for the better in the island state with David Gardner putting in huge efforts to get Singapore Expat Pool going with the formation of a Singapore Expat Pool League, with their first event the other night at Harry’s Bar at Chimes in Singapore.

The event was attended by about 35 people when all registered for affiliation. Two initial teams of 8 players were formed before 8pm and a match was played to celebrate the occasion.

Those who attended had a great time and reportedly the bar was kept busy all night long. Well done lads, that’s the spirit

A competition will be held every fortnight in future on Wednesday evenings with the objective being to get four teams up and going as soon as possible.

Hopefully things will continue to go well and Singapore will be able to join AEPC”s competition next year in Jakarta.

If you are an Expat living in Singapore and enjoy playing pool then why not join in the fun? – just drop David Gardner an e-mail to get started.

An upset

Virtually the entire Jakarta All Stars squad are now in place and made a night of it at the very fine Hustlers pool bar in the centre of Bangkok last night and were entertained with a 10-ball money game race to 13 between Mika Immonen and Stuart Pettman which ended in a 13-7 to Stuart in what many will see as an upset.

More practice and some  friendly matches against local teams planned at the “Ball in hand” pool bar today before the reception tonight at the famous Nana Liquid Nightclub.