Jakarta All Stars

The APC Champions of 2015 lost their way in the last round of APC 2016 SAIGON and Bangkok regained the trophy.


There was a lot of disappointment by the Jakarta All Stars about their performance and this was the incentive for a more focused effort at APC 2017 BANGKOK.  The team were very determined to take back the trophy and they did it in style winning by 7 frames from Manila. Bangkok finished in third place.


The Jakarta All Stars successfully defended the APC Trophy winning by 17 frames from Singapore finishing in second place.

Jakarta has now won the event 3 times in the last 4 years. With the event moving back to Jakarta in 2019 they will be determined to win at home.

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Jakarta Pool Players

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5 thoughts on “Jakarta All Stars

  1. Either way Clarence, I’m sure the committee will get it right next year and not just pick themselves and their nearest and dearest…………..


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