Singapore Stingers


The Singapore Stingers have been a force to be reckoned with since APC 2014 Manila when they secured a comfortable 3rd place win. In 2018, again in Manila and for the first time, they managed to beat old rivals Bangkok Heat and win the second-place silver medal just behind Jakarta All Stars!

Singapore Stingers are on the march again this season and feel they are in serious contention for the next APC Champions trophy.

Since 2013/14 the Singapore Stingers have been running two selection events for determining the 12 sponsored players (plus additional reserves and organisers) to attend APC each year. Starting around December or January each season the Stingers have a League system and a Tournament series running through to the event. Top players from each system will qualify for a sponsored placing at APC. If you are a foreigner on an EP or PR living in Singapore and want more information then please contact them (details below).

At APC 2015 in Jakarta and APC 2016 in Saigon the Singapore Stingers performed strongly and finished in 3rd position both years. The Singapore Stingers next challenge was at APC 2017 Bangkok where they finished 4th place due to the increased competitiveness of the overall competition. They did, however, manage to get one player into the APC Super Singles semi–finals for the first time (Capt. John Dangerfield).

At APC 2018 Manila the Singapore Stingers were very well prepared and finished in 2nd position, their highest ranking since entering the APC competition. A very strong performance with a view to taking the title in 2019!

Having had multiple years with prestigious sponsors such as AUDI, the Singapore Stingers are always open to new Sponsors. Please see contact below.

Stingers Committee for all inquiries:

John Dangerfield, Farah Nic, Glenda Quek and Amit Kaur


Singapore Stingers current and past Team Sponsors: